2012-07-08 14.04.262012-07-08 14.04.462012-07-08 14.04.572012-07-08 14.06.252012-07-08 14.06.30
2012-07-08 14.12.302012-07-08 14.18.412012-07-08 14.19.132012-07-08 14.20.472012-07-08 14.20.562012-07-08 14.28.32
2012-07-08 14.28.492012-07-08 14.40.262012-07-08 15.21.122012-07-08 15.21.45
2012-07-08 14.16.122012-07-08 14.17.142012-07-08 14.33.402012-07-08 14.38.582012-07-09 06.23.032012-07-09 08.53.28

Trip to Guadalajara July 2012, a set on Flickr.

Just sharing some pictures on a trip I took to Guadalajara And Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico July 2012. Most of the time was a lot of long hours working however meal times were pretty awesome. From breakfast at the RIU hotel to the many places we had lunch and dinner, all the meals were great. Also, the day before we left we managed to slip out for a tour of the Tequila distiller for José Cuervo which was pretty cool. Enjoy the pictures.


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