The Condition We Do Not Speak Of

DSC02664 It’s funny how some people react when they learn I had (ok technically have) cancer. You have people who in general don’t mutter the word beyond a quiet whisper. Some people feel they are being insensitive if they discuss it; you’re not by the way. Then there are the ones that want to tell you about every person they’ve known who has, had, or have died from cancer. Those conversations can get a little depressing.

But I digress because that is not the reason of this post. No, the reason for this quick little posting is to let my family and friends know that I am approaching 3 years of being “cancer free” and that in my appointment with my Oncologist today he informed me that my numbers where looking so good, I would not need to come back and see him for an entire year. On top of that, no more CAT scans.

All great news and I wanted to make sure to share it with everyone. I now return you back to your normal life already in progress.


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